Success and Summary of the 2nd NO-AD International Meeting

With the generous financial supports from the Nasjonalforeningen and from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants and the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the KAPPA Programme, the 2nd NO-AD International meeting was held on the 20th Oct 2021 in the Akershus University Hospital, Norway. This meeting had attracted close to 250 attendants, including 208 registered attendants via zoom and the remaining via physical attendance. The meeting was composed of 12 talks covering broad topics of the Alzheimer’s disease fields, including new molecular mechanisms of AD, the use of artificial intelligence in AD mechanistic studies and drug development, CRISPR- and gamma entrainment-based techniques on AD treatments, biomarker development for early stage of AD, and clinical treatments to AD patients. Our NO-AD international members Profs. Nancy Ip and Li-Huei Tsai were keynote speakers.

The meeting was also addressed by the principal investigators of the MIT-AD grant and their collaborators (Evandro F. Fang, Martin Vyhnalek, Liu Shi,  Jan Laczó, Katerina Cechova (Veverova) a Domenica Caponio).

Link of the meeting: here.

0:02:36 Nancy Ip (HKUST)  – ‘Biomarker development and genome-editing strategies for Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis and treatment’.
1:08:45 Alejo J Nevado-Holgado (Oxford) –  ‘Artificial Intelligence in Drug Target Discovery for Alzheimer’s Disease’.
1:38:49 Evandro Fang (Ahus, UiO) – ‘Turning up the NAD+-mitophagy axis to treat Alzheimer’s disease and the use of AI in related drug development’
2:04:25 Linda Hildegard Bergersen (UiO) – ‘Exercise and AD’
2:40:20 Kateřina Čechová (Charles University): – ‘Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in aging and Alzheimer disease’
2:58:27 Noel Buckley (Oxford): ‘Modelling Alzheimer’s in a dish – how far have we come?’.
3:51:17 Martin Vyhnálek (Charles University) ‘Subjective cognitive complaints – part of normal ageing or the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease?’
4:25:45 Tormod Fladby (Ahus, UiO) – ‘Challenges in early AD Diagnostics’
4:51:15 Jan Laczó (Charles University) – ‘Spatial navigation in Alzheimer disease’
5:22:43 Liu Shi (Oxford) – ‘Replication study of plasma biomarkers relating to Alzheimer’s pathology’
6:04:53 Domenica Caponio (UiO) – ‘Changes of mitophagy in the AD human brain’
6:19:28 Li-Huei Tsai (MIT) – ‘Non-invasive sensory stimulation to induce gamma entrainment and treat Alzheimer’s disease’

Presentations are available at this link.

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