Ageing Research Reviews published our viewpoint

Identification and potential clinical applications of novel autophagy/mitophagy proteins in the biofluids of Alzheimer’s disease published in prestigious Ageing Research Reviews (IF=12.5, Q1, D1) by Jianying Zhang, He-Ling Wang, Kateřina Veverová, Martin Vyhnálek and Evandro Fei Fang.

Congratulations to all MitAD members!


  • •Elevated PINK1 and reduced TFEB in CSF and serum samples of AD patients.
  • •Correlations were found between levels of PINK1, TFEB, and clinical indicators of AD.
  • •Changes of the fluid protein levels of mitophagy/autophagy proteins could be developed into markers in assisting diagnsosi and prognosis.

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