All welcome (via the digital zoom meeting or through physical attendance as detailed in each seminar flier). Pre-registration is normally necessary.

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11/4/2024From mitophagy to neurocognitive impairment
Discover the cutting-edge world of mitochondrial research at the upcoming conference, “From Mitophagy to Neurocognitive Impairment,” hosted by the Department of Neurology, Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and Motol University Hospital with the University in Oslo. We’re delighted to extend a special invitation to you, promising an immersive exploration into mitophagy and cognitive health.
Hybrid format – We are looking forward to meeting you in person in Vlastenecký sál, Karolinum (Ovocný trh 3, Praha 1) or online.
   18-19/9/2023The 5th NYO3 NO-Age/AD meeting and the 1st Norway-UK joint meeting on ageing and dementia
Associate Prof. Evandro Fang (coordinator of the NO-Age and NO-AD networks; UiO and Ahus), Prof. Richard Siow (director of the ageing research at KCL, London, UK), Prof. Lynne Cox (coordinator of the ageing research networks at Oxford, Oriel, Oxford, UK) welcome you to attend a two-day event in Olso entitled ‘The 5th NYO3 NO-Age/AD meeting and the 1st Norway-UK joint meeting on ageing and dementia’. The event will cover the broad topics of ageing and dementia (especially Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases) at molecular, individual, and societal levels. Please see the programme for details. 
15/6/2023Seminars of the Neurological Clinic of the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University
It is our pleasure to announce that Assoc. Prof. Evandro F. Fang will be a host of seminars at the Neurological Clinic of the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and Motol University Hospital, with his lecture on “Cleaning the `brain garbage’ to improve cognition and quality of life in elderly”.
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13/10/2022Mit-AD Symposium with Mediterranean Breakfast
From dysfunctional mitochondria to Alzheimer’s disease: why we age and how to stay young forever. Our MitAD members, Prof. Evandro F. Fang, Prof. Martin Vyhnalek, Dr. Liu Shi, and Dr. Hana Horakova, will present the recent findings in AD research with a focus on mitophagy brain aging and AD diagnostics.
01/03/2022Alzheimer Café: Memory problems and the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease
At the March meeting (physical attendance), we will discuss what to do when memory problems arise, what the symptoms of dementia are, and whether there is a reliable “Alzheimer’s test”.
Mit-AD member Dr. Martina Laczó will tell us during the Alzheimer Café: Which symptoms may indicate the disease that causes dementia syndrome. Where can I seek professional help in case of memory problems? How a comprehensive diagnosis of cognitive impairment is made. Whether it is possible to go for testing of memory and other cognitive functions as part of prevention.
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20/10/20212nd NO-AD International Seminar On Alzheimer’s disease and Ageing
This one-day hybrid meeting (physical attendance + Zoom) will provide updates on all these important topics with talks by leading experts in their fields. Please find the program below and register for virtual attendance.
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26/4/2021The NO-Age and NO-AD Seminar Series 030, ‘Complement signaling and lipid metabolism in neuroinflammation and Alzheimer’s disease’ by Prof. Hui Zheng, Ph.D. Huffington Center on Aging, Baylor College of Medicine, USA
19/4/2021The NO-Age and NO-AD Seminar Series 024,
14:00-16:30 (CET), Monday
14:00-15:15: ‘Amyloid and tau pathology in Alzheimer’s disease: Neuropathology in symptomatic and presymptomatic cases’ by Prof. Dietmar Thal, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
15:15-16:30: ‘Selective mitochondrial autophagy in health, aging, and neurodegeneration’ by Prof. Wolfdieter Springer, Mayo Clinic, Florida, USA
15/3/2021The NO-Age and NO-AD Seminar Series 019 ‘Mechanisms of autophagy and its roles in health and disease’ (tentative) by Prof. Han-Ming SHEN, University of Macau, China