Lecture in Prague by Evandro F. Fang

It is our pleasure to announce that Assoc. Prof. Evandro F. Fang will be a host of seminars at the Neurological Clinic of the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and Motol University Hospital, with his lecture on “Cleaning the `brain garbage’ to improve cognition and quality of life in elderly”.

Ageing affects us all – come and learn more about it! The accumulation of damaged mitochondria is a hallmark of aging and Alzheimer’s disease. But did you know that the molecular mechanisms of this disruption of mitochondrial homeostasis, and their relationship to Alzheimer’s disease, are still unclear? Learn about the latest scientific hypotheses available on this mechanism. Mitophagy is a cellular self-cleaning process that removes damaged mitochondria and therefore plays a critical role in maintaining neuronal homeostasis and neuronal survival. What can lead to defective mitophagy?

Find out on Thursday, June 15th at the library of the Neurological Clinic.

The lecture is intended for the general professional public. Undergraduate and postgraduate students, and experts from the fields of medicine, natural science, and psychology are very welcomed.

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